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4 Key Benefits Of A Root Canal

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While you might not like hearing that you need a root canal when your dentist gives you the news, getting one is a smart move. If you need a root canal, you should agree to it, as it offers many benefits. During a root canal, the dentist cleans out the tooth's canals and fills them with a material that hardens. Here are four of the most beneficial benefits of getting root canal therapy.

1. It Relieves Your Pain

The first thing to know is why you might need a root canal. You may need one when the tooth becomes infected. When this occurs, the infection is inside the tooth's roots or canals, and infections can be extremely painful. If you have a bad toothache, getting a root canal will relieve your pain. In fact, you might feel great after the procedure because it helps you find relief from excruciating tooth pain.

2. It Protects Your Other Teeth

The second benefit of a root canal is that it protects the other teeth in your mouth. If one tooth develops an infection, the infection can spread to other teeth. Each tooth that gets infected poses risks to you and your oral health. In other words, if you do not treat the infection in the tooth it is in, the infection can take over more teeth. Treating an infection that affects multiple teeth is more challenging than treating it when it affects just one tooth.

3. It Helps You Save Your Tooth

The next thing to understand is that a root canal helps you save the infected tooth. If you do not treat the infection, it can overcome an entire tooth. When this occurs, it may eat away at the tooth, leaving you with no option other than to have your dentist remove the tooth.

4. It Promotes Good Oral Health

The final benefit to know about is the effects a root canal has on your oral health. When you fix the problem with one tooth, it promotes good oral health for your entire mouth. In dentistry, it is never wise to ignore a problem, as problems spread. Treating an issue is the best way to protect your entire mouth.

If you find out that you need a root canal, you should go through with the procedure for these reasons and others. If you have questions about root canals or think you need one, talk to a local dentist today.