Afraid to Get a Tooth Implant? Don't Be

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Getting Used To Dental Implants

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If you have teeth missing, you have likely thought about seeing a dentist about the placement of dental implants to fill in the gaps. The procedures used to place implants are relatively safe and provide you with the smile you are used to having. After implants are put into place, follow these tips to get used to their presence.

Be Aware Of The Healing Process

The implantation of false teeth that remain inside of your mouth requires you to have a surgical session. This means your body needs to heal after the procedure comes to an end. Like any surgery, you will be provided with medication to help you deal with any pain you experience. You will also be given instructions about how to go about your day so you do not experience discomfort associated with the surgery you had endured. Be sure to set aside time to discuss the procedure in detail with your dentist beforehand. Your practitioner will answer any questions you have, helping to give you peace of mind about the procedure and the healing process to expect.

Know The Sensations Involved With Your New Teeth

The amount of time it takes to become accustomed to dental implants is dependent upon how long you had lived without real teeth in the spots where implants were placed. If you recently lost teeth, you will become used to the new implants easily. If you have been without the teeth for quite some time, the new teeth will feel foreign to you. Take your time in getting used to their presence. Be aware of how they feel and whether you experience discomfort when chewing, talking, or resting. If you have concerns about sharp edges that cause irritation to your mouth's interior, your dentist can file away excess material to remedy the problem

Start With Soft Foods When Eating

Instead of jumping right into eating foods that involve a lot of chewing, it is best to start off with soft foods instead. This allows you to observe the feeling of how your upper and lower teeth come together without the need to concentrate on breaking up food in the process. Applesauce, soup, mashed potatoes, and other foods that do not require any type of impact of your teeth being pushed together when eating is best. After a few days, switch to foods that involve just a bit of chewing. Over time, you will become familiar with the feeling of your new teeth as you chew.