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Why You Should Go With Braces

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People tend to look toward the fast answers these days. This has led to more people wanting to learn how invisible aligners can benefit them over braces. However, there is a reason why braces still exist, and this reason is that they are still considered to be the best way for someone to correct certain issues, such as crooked teeth, spaced teeth, and severe overbites. The information here is going to explain why braces are still the number one way to correct issues, such as the ones already mentioned.

Aligners are comfortable – While some point out that aligners are more comfortable, this isn't always a good thing when you want to see the results as fast as possible. Braces work faster because they do put more pressure on the teeth in order to cause a faster shift. The gentler pressure that aligners put on the teeth cause them to move the teeth much slower, and this means someone needs to wear them much longer.

Aligners can be removed – Some people really like the fact that aligners can be taken out of their mouth during the straightening process. However, this is another reason why aligners take so much longer to straighten their teeth. Also, when people have the ability to remove the aligners, they will tend to do so much more often than they really should, and they will leave them out longer than they should.

When people procrastinate on wearing their aligners, it can lead to their teeth never straightening out. When the aligners aren't kept in enough to cause a shift, the patient will stay in the first set of aligners and get nowhere. Therefore, wearing braces that can't be removed is a very good thing because a person won't have the option to do something that is counterproductive to what they are trying to accomplish, which is straight teeth.

Aligners are invisible – Some like the fact that aligners are invisible. However, the truth is that even aligners aren't invisible when someone is talking to you in close proximity. Also, there are options in braces that allow you to choose clear brackets and bands. These options give you braces that are also very hard for someone to see unless they are very close to you. Therefore, you can still get all of the benefits of braces while also wearing less-noticeable braces.


Now that you know just how much better it is for you to wear braces, you won't get swayed to go with aligners that will take much longer. For more information, contact a local clinic like Nish Dental Clinic