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What Can A Children's Dentist Do For Your Kids?

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Kids need to see a dentist regularly from the time their first tooth emerges. When searching for a dentist for your family, pick a specialist who can provide the kind of care your kids require. Children's dentists specialize in pediatric dental care. They have the compassion, skills, and tools that young patients need. Here are four specific things that a children's dentist can do for your child.

1. Manage your child's anxiety.

Your child may have some anxiety about seeing the dentist, especially if they have had negative experiences in the past. Children's dentists understand that kids are often more fearful than adults. Your child's dentist will use their expertise to create a welcoming, soothing environment for your child. Some children feel calmer with a weighted blanket atop them. Children's dentists often have special equipment like weighted blankets and stuffed animals on hand, which can help scared children feel better about their dental appointments.

2. Protect child athletes' mouths.

Exercise is healthy for people of all ages, but kids especially can benefit from having an outlet for their excess energy. Sports are a terrific way for your child to stay healthy while having fun. However, sports carry their own risks. Your child's teeth may be damaged if they fall or get hit in the face with a ball. The impact can chip or crack teeth. In some cases, it can even knock teeth out.

Your child's dentist can custom fit them for a mouthguard. A mouthguard is a dental accessory that kids can wear while playing sports. It will absorb some of the impact if your child is hit in the mouth, which will protect your child's teeth.

3. Prevent cavities.

Cavity prevention starts at home, but your child's dentist also plays an important role. A professional cleaning every six months will keep tartar from building up in your child's mouth. A children's dentist can also apply sealants to your child's molar teeth. Dental sealants are made from a hard coating that protects tooth enamel from decay. Many parents love the peace of mind that dental sealants give them. Sealants are especially useful for young kids who may not be very good at brushing and flossing their teeth yet.

4. Recommend braces.

Losing baby teeth and growing permanent teeth is a rite of passage for every child. Once your child's permanent teeth grow in, they're eligible for braces. Braces can straighten crooked teeth and close unwanted gaps in your child's smile. Your child's dentist can recommend braces and refer your child to an orthodontist if they believe it's in your child's best interest.

To learn more, contact a children's dentist.